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gridly and dms

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Hi I purchased gridly for dms and dropped it in the sections folder. But the section does not show up in dms. It works perfectly with other sections for dms I bought but not with gridly. And yes, I unziped it =)

.../themes/dms/sections/gridly/sections/gridly/... (rest of files)

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That's because you installed it into the wrong place. Pagelines is giving you the wrong file type. Gridly is a plugin. It's supposed to go into wp-content/plugins. But since PageLines will never give you the right file until things are fixed, i suggest emailing them and asking why you keep getting a section file and not aplugin file.

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    • erin-wsk
      By erin-wsk
      I just purchased gridly and tried playing around with it on my local set-up. Everything is great until I update the layout. I'm sure I'm having a moment, but I'm adding the numbers in the layout box (ie, I have 6 photos so I'm adding 222 for three rows of two), publishing, and refreshing- then nothing. Ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! 
      (I've attached a screen shot since it's on my local set-up)
    • quinntinm
      By quinntinm
      I have just purchased Gridly but i seem to be a bit stuck.
      I am not sure how to add more images. I set the number of images to 10 in the dropdown provided on the page, but only the three original fields are displayed.
      I have refreshed, saved, edited, but to no avail - still the same three fields.
      Is there any additional documentation?
    • rupertenberg
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      Dear Nick,
      So happy to have found Gridly...However:  How do I make multiple instances of it?  It is setup for me to use on my blog page...but how would I use it on another page with a different set of images??
      Hope you can help!!
    • progressive01
      By progressive01
      Hi Nick,
      Love Gridly - one thing I have found is if we put a caption on some but not all images, on the blank ones a light grey box still appears where the caption should be - this is happening in Safari and in the ipad for me. - Screenshot attached.
      Again as others have said, would love the caption to be available in lightbox also if possible one day 
      Many thanks in advance