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Do you work Locally or Remotely?

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I'm trying to figure out if it's really worth setting up a Localhost on my Mac. I've never done it before so I'll have to follow a tutorial for two.


Is it common to develop locally or do some just work off remote servers?



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It depends. I just started my company 3 years ago with 3 other people. None of us are local to each other. We have a local environment setup using Desktop Server Pro (serverpress.com). Then we push the sites to internal QA server for us to review before opening it up to the client.


Its better in my opinion with the right tools, to develop locally first.


Just my 2 cents.

Mark "Blackice" Robinson, CISSP


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Hi there

I agree with Blackice

A simple way to work (for me) is on LocalHost on my Mac.

You can see this




You can search at google, there are a lot of videos and tutorial.

Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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If you're a Mac user, I strongly recommend MAMP Pro. I set up a fake domain such as ncptt.dev on the local box and grab both the live files from my production server and the latest database. I use a tool from http://bit.ly/TQ0P8R to do a find and replace in the database to change instances of http://ncptt.nps.gov to http://ncptt.dev and do the same with https


Since I use WordPress multisite, I need to replace the domain in the wp_blogs table and update the domain in the wp-config.php file. Once you've done this and have MAMP Pro set up to answer on your custom domain, you can happily develop using your favorite tools (Coda 2, TextMate, Sequel Pro) and push changes to your development server. When you're satisfied everything works fine and have tested, you can push to production.


At some point I'll document the workflow including how to set up MAMP Pro's MySQL to answer via Terminal. Hope this helps.

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