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Round avatars next to posts as seen on pagelines.com?

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Hi there.


The way the pagelines.com/blog shows avatars look great. Therefore I've been trying to achieve the same effect. I've added the PostAuthor section which does indeed add an image. It is, however, very small and not rounded. Is the effect achieved with some CSS or am I doing something wrong?

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I've been trying to add .img-circle as well as class=".img-circle" to the styling classes under standard options. I've also tried adding it to the custom code and then calling it with the styling classes. None of it works. I also can't see the CSS just by inspecting your page (I might be doing something wrong). Is it possible to just paste the CSS used on Pagelines.com/blog here?


Ps. I hope you are adding some customization options on the different elements in one of your coming updates. I bought a subscription for DMS because it promised no coding, and the documentation is sparse.  :)

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The round avatar and meta is a new feature that is going to be included in an upcoming update. If you want this now, you will need to be brave and use the bleeding edge build that is on GitHub, as we do not support that version.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hi Danny - does that mean that I can't achieve the effect now (with your, official, build) and CSS, unlike Robs answer? Do you have a guesstimate on when the update will be released? (I don't need it right now, but depending on whether it's due in weeks or months, I might have to find a solution prior to release).

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If you want to round an image, you will need to use custom CSS. The img-round class can be applied to the Post Authors image using the Styling Classes field, anything added there is specific to the section and not elements inside the section, so adding that class won't work.


Therefore, inspect your Post Authors image using your browsers web dev tools and find the correct class. Then add your own custom CSS, I would use LESS and add the following to your override class for Post Author image.




For example:


.example-post-author-img {




The class above is an example, but adding the above LESS will output border-radius CSS for all browsers, 99em should make the image appear as circular.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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DMS has the option now to use the same system on our site.


Go to any post in DMS.  Click on the pencil icon for the Content/PostLoop section.  Look at the settings. Under Meta Config, select Author Avatar Mode. This will place the image and meta info on the left side.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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