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How to Preserve Formatting from Pagelines After Upgrading to DMS

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Today I upgraded from Platform to Pagelines Lite and found that in order to keep my 3-column site (content in the middle, sidebars to left and right) I'd need to go Pro. So I bought the Personal version of DMS. Being a novice, I am finding DMS a bit overwhelming. I liked the ease of Pagelines, and really only want access again to my 3 columns. Is there a way to access the 3-column layout through Pagelines now that I've paid for the Pro version? Or would I need to redesign the site through DMS? I tried logging in to my account through the Pagelines dashboard on Wordpress but I keep getting a message that says ERROR: User not found! I am using the same user/pass that I used when I signed up for DMS.


Here's the site, if that helps (with old Platform theme, to show what I want it to look like):




Ideas, anyone?





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If you migrated from Platform to PageLines Lite and then to DMS. Your site will no longer look as it did when Platform was enabled. This is because all three are separate products, its just like installing any new Wordpress theme. Your site will take on the default layout and design of that theme.


If you want a three column layout in DMS, drag and drop the 3 Column layout section on your template and then start to organise your sections/content.


If you're experiencing account issues, please contact our helpdesk, only they can address account related issues.


hello at pagelines dot com

Please search our forums, before posting!

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