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Splitting meta bar information

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Hi -


I'm interested in splitting the meta bar information - keeping the date up top but moving the comments and tags (and removing the author) to the bottom.


Is this something I can do in Pagelines Pro with DMS? 

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Can you provide an example of this please, as I am not entirely sure what you're trying to achieve.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thanks for responding -


I'm hoping to have something like this blog does: http://www.thefauxmartha.com/


Where the date is under the post heading, but the comment numbers and tags are at the bottom (after the continue reading).  I don't need an author necessarily, because I don't really do guest posts (yet at least)



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Thats actually one of my sites and we used a hooked (childtheme_after_post_content). That site is still running the framework and I haven't tried it with DMS but I know you will have to use a base theme or the pagelines customize plug-in. Here's what we did to give you a start (but again, can't tell you if it works with DMS...)

add_action('pagelines_loop_after_post_content', 'childtheme_after_post_content');
function childtheme_after_post_content($hook_name, $hook_area_id) {
	global $post;
<div class="childtheme-post-meta">
	<span class="comments">
		<a href="<?php echo get_comments_link($post->ID) ?>">
			<i class="icon-chat"></i> 
             <?php comments_popup_link('Add a comment', '1 comment', '% comments'); ?>
	<span class="separator">&nbsp;|&nbsp;</span>
	<span class="categories">
		<span class="text">Categories</span>
		<?php echo get_the_category_list(',', '', $post->ID); ?>

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erin-wsk Thank you for that great contribution!

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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