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Creating a blog page

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Hi there.


I can't figure out how to make a page called 'blog' with the content/post loop section without it also being on the front page. I've created a front page using the visual editor and dragged sections on to the site. I've also created a page simply called 'blog' (with a permalink structure that makes the URL site.com/blog).

On the page 'blog' it just looks like the front page (that has iBoxes and all sorts of things). I've tried removing everything but the header and footer, adding the content/post loop and saving that as a template as well as publishing the changes. But that also changed the front page.


How do I:

Create one template for the front page that is only applied local to this page (with header and footer being global).

Create another template for at page called 'blog' that is to simply show the blog posts (such as pagelines.com/blog).


Thanks for your time!

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Have you set up a static front page and blog page within the Wordpress admin area first? All pages you initially create have the Post Loop section on them by default if I'm not mistaken but if you define a dedicated blog and home page (just naming it "yourdomain.com/blog won't do it), that will fix.

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Weird. I was sure I had tried that - that worked. Thanks a bunch! 

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@atcdomainsolutions  Thanks for helping your fellow customers!

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