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Server Error 500: DMS with plugin iMember360

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ankordesign    0
I'm rebuilding www.blackberrybush.org on DMS. I'm building it at qqq.blackberrybush.org. These WP sites use a plugin called iMember360, which connects the site to our Infusionsoft CRM/Marketing tool. It's awesome.
What isn't awesome is that, at the qqq site, I'm getting a server error 500 when I'm logged in and visit the front end. Not logged in, I can see the front end, and when I deactivate iMember360, I can stay logged in and see the front end. So, I believe the issue is that DMS and iMember360 don't play well together somewhere.
How might I get this investigated? Thanks.

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Danny    1,327



A Server error 500 is an issue related to your server. Therefore, you will need to contact your host for assistance, we are unable to provide support for your servers management.


If there is an issue with the plugin, then you need to contact the plugin developer, we do not have access to this plugin. Let us know what the developer suggests.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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