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Woocommerce and setting up global template

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As everyone is probably aware that has used Woocommerce or any shopping cart it usually installs a bunch of pages for the shopping cart, products etc.

I can't seem to be able to apply one template I created over all Woocommerce pages except loading each page one by one and then loading my default template. I set up product categories as my menu pages for the products. I can't imagine I truly have to open each page up and load my one template and it does not work on the page view where you can bulk edit your page list and select template since all it shows are DMS template 1 through 4 or whatever that is.


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Hi James,


If you create a template and assign it to a products page, all product pages should have this template assigned as far as I am aware. However, the Shopping cart page and any other WooCommerce pages, should be individual pages. Therefore, you will need to create a different template for each.

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Thanks!!  I was wondering if that is what I would have to do.  I wound up removing the background from the Global area so it wasn't a nightmare updating all of those pages one by one...haha.

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No problem :D

Please search our forums, before posting!

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