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Left & Right Vertical Navigation

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Does anyone have any suggestions on creating a left side and right side vertical navigation menu similar to what is seen on a mobile phone?  


By default, there is a right side vertical navigation menu on a mobile phone.  I want to create a left side one also - and they can both appear as mobile menus on the desktop site.

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Okay, if you add sidebars on either side of the content area, you can get this done easily.


1. Add two different named, saved menus in Dashboard > Appearance > Menus. Call one left-menu, the other right-menu, so you know which is which.  Add your menu items and save each.


2. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and add the Custom Menus widget to the left sidebar. When you do, you can select the left-menu from the drop down list.  Save and close.


Next, add the same Custom Menus widget to your right sidebar and select the right-menu from the drop down list.  Save and close. 


3.  Use Firebug for Firefox to examine your custom menus and test custom styling for it.  Copy the customized CSS to your Custom Code area and you've styled your two menus.

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Thank you!  Just one question, using the Feature Template, how do I add sidebars on either side of content area?  I see a section called Primary Sidebar, but don't think that is going to allow a second sidebar.

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