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Flowy Touch Responsive?

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hi, is flowy slider touch responsive on a mobile device?

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Is there any update on the possibility of making Flowy touch responsive? I'm using this on one of my sites and the ability to have it touch responsive and move by itself (as a traditional slider) would be great.

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    • WeAreFLux
      By WeAreFLux+
      Hey Man,
      Have installed Flowey on this site http://thosecards.org/live
      and the keyboard controls arn't working - can you have a look.
    • fabienfons
      By fabienfons+
      Ibought Flowy because on Aleksander Hansson's website i saw "Easily edit text for the images and make the image link somewhere"
      I can't link the image anywhere !!!
      What is the solution ?
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    • netage
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      I would like to buy this but the last two sections I bought only worked in DMS..
      We tried using DMS and it didn't work out for us so I don't want to carry on spending the company's money on things we aren't able to use..
      So does this work in the old framework still?
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      Hi there, I installed Flowy on my Pagelines Framework site. I see it in my sections and was able to see it in my Page Settings, but when I view a page I get this:
      Fatal error: Call to undefined method Flowy::get_the_id() in /home/tententh/public_html/wp-content/plugins/pagelines-sections/flowy/section.php on line 31
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