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How to Update DMS (to a newer version)

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@staff .... Is there a tutorial available, on how to update form a DMS version to another (newer). 


This for the update variations mentioned below (if there is a difference).

  • from GitHub
  • from Pagelines account (FREE)
  • from pagelines account
    form FREE to PAYED version (personal, business developer)


The important issues to me seem to be


  • the HOW to ... a step by step process instruction
  • not loosing templates + section data  (basically the site, besides of WP posts/pages)

I do see the urgent need for that tutorial, as I can read from several user questions on the net and the forum. I do also believe that this is a base requirement, belonging tightly to the open strategy of DMS.


best regards


is thee a notification for new versions


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This link provides instructions for upgrading and migrations:  http://docs.pagelines.com/getting-started/upgrading-migration


There will be notifications of updates when the occur.  Presently there have been no additional releases since launch. Once there is one, you'll be notified.


I would urge you to read through all the documentation, thoroughly at http://docs.pagelines.com/.


Most of your questions will be answered there.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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