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Sections bug/corrupt when page reloads

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Hi, I was editing earlier today and when i refreshed the home page (in editor mode) all 'sections' on all pages disappeared, when i tried to add them again they either kept disappearing (did not save after refresh) or when they did save, they seem to be corrupt/buggy.

See image below, which displays two different sections that seem corrupt after i refresh the browser window.







I have not added any new plugins recently.





EDIT: So I think it is to do with the editor, because it shows fine on the front end.

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I've had something similar recently and was trying to pin down the cause - in this case the header/footer was fine but any sections in the content area first reformatted on the page (one of the columns jumped from 8/12 to 12/12 pushing content underneath)  then went altogether when I published. I did activate/deactivate a plugin but something's up...

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Yes, everything in the header and footer sections are fine, but when I add sections to the 'template' area and refresh the editor they scramble and if I refresh the editor again they disappear/delete and I have to start again.


The only solution I can find is to add all the content in one hit, then hit publish, (but not refresh in the editor mode) then view the page out of the editor (logged out like a normal user/viewer of the site.)



It is a major bug, I hope it get fixed soon.

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I'm having the same issue with sections re-sizing and disappearing

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This isn't a bug.  However, respectfully, it's the result of failure to read the docs and understand the product.


"(did not save after refresh)"  --- You're supposed to save (Publish) first, and then refresh.  If you refresh first, the work you've done is overwritten.   This is no different in a WordPress post or page edit screen, so why are so many people having issues with this in DMS?


If you're in any edit screen and you've written something and refresh your screen, those changes will be gone, forcing you to do it again.  Doesn't it make sense that the same fundamental computing praecept will be the norm in DMS?  Every word processor, graphics editor, CAD program, I've used in computing since 1975 (yes, before the PC and Apple IIe), had the same basic rule of thumb.  Don't refresh till you save.

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