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Not upgraded to PageLines Pro, alltough paid

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Hello PageLines ,
  • We paid for PageLines Pro,
  • After 3 weeks I can finally login (through the Pageline Dashboard on my website)
  • But still get the Lite Edition:
Successfully logged in as "carerix" to PageLines with a secured connection.
Free Account Active.
You Are Using PageLines Lite Edition
PageLines Lite is the free version of PageLines Framework.
Please upgrade me to the Pro Version asap, we have to go live coming monday!!
regards, Harold Vogelaar

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Hello Harold,


Did you purchase PageLines Framework? or DMS?


Did you write to the billing team at [email protected]?


Lastly, did you login to your account at http://launchpad.pagelines.com ?

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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The process of getting the Pro Edition of the Pagelines theme is very confusing.

  • I went to the Pagelines-Admin (../admin.php?page=PageLines-Admin) and hit 'Upgrade now'
  • On this page http://www.pagelines.com/pricing/?ref=le-admin I choose the 'Personal' Plan ($ 96 yearly).
  • As I see now, that is for DMS. Is that different from Framework?
  • If so, then we got the wrong product.

Yes, I mentioned our problem several times to [email protected], only got one response that it was all due to servers attack, it should be up-and-running soon (that was three weeks ago). 
I also logged in to Launchpad, and can only download DMS, also got a license key, but no clue what to do with it.

So if I need some sort of other activation, please activate our subscription as soon as possible.
All we want is to upgrade our WordPress Theme to the Pagelines Pro Editon, to get more functionality (for more sections & options, no credit link, enhanced social & SEO, support and more...)


once again, we need to go live this  monday!
regards, Harold

Order #13469 made on July 24, 2013. Order status: completed.

Licence Email: [email protected]

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