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Pagelines homepage error

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monmart    1

Hey guys,


Couple of us were trippin' out today when we discovered the "close" button in the wrong location on the popup windows.


Under "Match made in heaven" the popups have an "Expand The Image" button in the top right corner where the close button should be. We were clicking this thinking it was a close button a few times until we saw the actual close button in the bottom right corner. Both the "Expand" button and the Close button have an "X". 


Is this how it is for customers if they use the same plugin?


The "Expand" button will go very well down next to the utilities on the bottom left corner, otherwise I find it very confusing in the top left corner.


Just my 2 cents. But it's also a concern for our customers if PageLines provides the same popup plugin in their actual product.




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Rob    547



I've not tried this but it sure sounds like a confusion waiting to happen.  I'll discuss it Monday with the developers or tomorrow if I see them, and let them know about it.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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