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Will you be providing updates to the Pagelines 2.4 Platform?

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lemonstripe+    9

@ Rob...The way you responded in to this thread is so unprofessional and quite frankly I have had enough of your comments.  I am very surprised that Pagelines stands behind the shit that you have been dishing out to your paying clients.  I have asked this question time and time again...and here we go:


Are you or are you not providing an updates to the pagelines framework for those of us who will not be moving on to DMS?  


Please give me an answer to this question and I will gladly leave the forum as I will not be continuing to use pagelines as a DMS customer.  



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batman    389

Hi @lemonstrips

You say

"my worry is if they stop supporting it and providing updates "

I read the most of the reply at forum and I´m sure that:

1. They don´t stop supporting to the Framework.

2. They don´t providing updates to the Framework.

I´m a user like you, I don´t work in PL, I understand that you disagree, but that's the way.


Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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Rob    547



First, Batman's correct, in that DMS is not an upgrade for Framework, and that Framework will continue being updated, and supported.  Yes, it will be phased out, just as PlatformPro has been phased out.  Yet we still answer questions here for it routinely.  It received its last update 13 months after the publication of Framework and we didn't officially deprecate it until 18 months after Framework's release. That should give you an idea of the timing.


Framework will continue getting security and major upgrades as needed until the code just won't allow it anymore.  People still happily use our first products (WhiteHouse Pro, EcoPro, etc).


No one is going to take Framework away from anyone.


As for the way I'm answering people who rant, rave, complain and seem to express nothing but hatred, that's the way I do it.  I'm not accepting the arrogance I've received from some and shouldn't have to kowtow to the bad behavior of anyone.  There has been far too much hatred expressed lately,  and I've tried to curb it, answering people who only want to hear or read what they want.  Life's not like that.  Sometimes when people behave badly, including clients, they need to be told they're misbehaving.


If you're offended, I'm sorry, but you and others could try starting your question politely, instead of with attacks and complaints. You might, like the 11,200+ others I've helped, get the support you need without the need to complain.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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lemonstripe+    9

Rob  Thank you for finally answering my question.  Now, since I am choosing to not move to DMS will my account be credited or adjusted?  Is there now a less expensive plan you can pick to just get the latest updates of the pagelines framework until you discontinue them since the live chat feature, etc was taken away?


And I am sorry that you feel inclined to answer topics and questions that I think are very legitimate concerns in a condescending manner.  I don't feel that I have been disrespectful to you or your team in any way so please do not take the actions of others out on everyone.  You guys pulled a major change on your loyal customers with a lot of unanswered questions and we have a right to be frustrated, but not disrespectful, I agree.  However, you guys should show a little bit of humility in this situation...it would go a long way given the circumstances.  

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Rob    547

Since you purchased Framework, you'll be notified of updates the usual way. You'll see it at the top of your editing screens in the WP Dashboard. There will be no cost to them.   If you're referring to Plus membership's Extensions, those will no longer be available as Plus itself is phased out. 


I want you to know that as a moderator, even I was unaware of many of these changes and candidly, I don't even think our CEO planned them.  While many have the opinion that the hacking is no excuse, I can honestly say, it was a very real problem and caused our inability to fully restore our APIs, and systems as they were.  Everything, front end and back, had to be changed on the fly. Even the forum was down for days after the site came back.  To this day, parts of it I relied upon routinely do not work. 


It's not to make excuses, just to provide understanding... when I was answering the many demanding answers and the myriad of 'me too's' that joined the overwhelming attacks on the company, the product and our support, I was just as much in the dark about things as everyone else, and doing my best.  I didn't see much understanding, patience or tolerance there, considering what happened, from many people who decided to express hatred and make some keyboard warrior demands.  Very easy to do when you don't think of the person on the other side being human, but I have feelings just as everyone else.  Slapped in the face, I'm not going to turn the other cheek, but slap right back, or use a right upper cut. 


Again, starting a topic or asking a question with some of the comments I've seen doesn't make for a good relationship.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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