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Hi -


I was trying to edit my functions.php page in order to add additional google fonts.  I got this message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/vegeta9/public_html/test/wp-content/themes/dms/functions.php on line 24



I can no longer access my wordpress or pagelines developer site - and therefore can't fix whatever the error is.  I"m new to this whole thing, but would like to try again - I just need a way to get there.  Any help would be appreciated.


(Trying to move over from

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Okay,  first, you don't need to add functions to place Googlefonts on your site,  There are over 650 of them, by my last count, available to you via DMS.


Where did you edit this functions.php? Was it in the core files or a child theme? If you edited functions.php in core, you've violated your license. You're not supposed to edit core files.


So, if that's the case, FTP into your site, and go to wp-content/themes/ and delete the dms folder.


Now, browse to   Click on the red button to get DMS and fill in the form.  Download  Unzip it, saving the dms folder inside it to your desktop.  Upload the desktop folder to wp-content/themes. 


Try to login to WP in Chrome.


Let us know if you can do that.

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