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Aleksander Hansson Audio-Player Section

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Why is it no surprise that the topic prefix has no mention of the DMS section Audio-Player?!  Especially because there is no documentation or readme file in the $19.99 plugin, on top of the fact that my previous post in Aleksander's section does not appear.


Simple question - why does the DMS audio player plugin look nothing like the demo advertised in the DMS Section store.  Are sections installed differently than plugins?  If so, I don't see any documentation in the audio-player files or PagesLines support documents. 


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I figured it out finally, but what a hassle.  It really shouldn't be that hard to provide a readme file.  If PageLines has specific instructions on where to upload a section, I would like to see it because I could not find it.  


For anyone else with the same issue:  when you buy a DMS product like a section, you download it, unzip it, open the main folder and there will be a sub-folder called sections.  In the sections folder is the plugin-in.  You need to ftp only the sections folder and plug-in to /wp-content/themes/dms/sections/ and then it will be available on the front page of your DMS website.

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Rob Thomas
Bear in mind, icecast, that I was chewed out by the author of this plug-in for following your instructions. The "section" should be treated as a plugin and installed via the add plugin module (as a zip file) via Wordpress.

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