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Fraud Charges

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Dear Pagelines Billing Dept:

RE: Full refund request & cancellation notice

Please take this as notice of cancellation, and exercising my right to the 30-days money back terms.  I am requesting a full refund for my only purchase of $197 for Pagelines Developer package I paid in full, up front; plus another refund of $19 for the unauthorized charges that were made to my credit card without my consent.  These unauthorized recurring charges has caused me unnecessary headaches and bank fees for a negative draft.  I am being charged for a new product that I simply did not authorized, nor signed up for, instead I was forced into and promised a free upgrade that I never received based on the recurring charges. 

  • It is illegal to charge a customers' credit card without their authorization, my card was charged a recurring fee of $19 on August 6, 2013 for a dms dev upgrade, which I was supposed get for free.

  • It is illegal to charge a customer for a product that was not provided, hence, taking away my purchase of Pagelines Developer package which came packed with over 200 themes, 30+ sections and plugins.  Which I do not have access to since July 23, 2013, and its still not fully available to me.

  • Instead Pagelines decided to market a new product, launch it without providing customers any clarity of its license terms, and/or that Pagelines dev package products would no longer be available and worse would force customers into taking dms, a product that is not equal of feature rich benefits as the one I paid for.  Further, providing empty promise to upgrade customers a free upgrade (which I fall under due to my date of purchase), yet a week later your company is making illegal and unauthorized recurring charges to my credit card for a product that I did not purchase, and being forced into at additional costs.  Leaving me without access or ability to use my purchased product Pagelines Developer package.

I have emailed, posted on forum, and even your blog about this matter, yet I have not received any responses from anyone at Pagelines.  This only leads me to believe that your company is acting fraudulent, and neglecting to comply, and/or honor my said purchase, and/or upgrade that was promised.

Since, I no longer have access to my original Pagelines Dev Package, and I am being defrauded for additional charges that I have not authorized, I am requesting a full refund for $197 + $19 due back to my credit card asap to cover my only purchase and the unauthorized recurring charges you made to my card.  I will anticipate a prompt response to this notice as to when I will receive my full refund.  If Pagelines company fails to respond and/or promptly expedite my full refund, I will be forced to take further action.  I will report your company to the us fraud financial department, report it with my credit card fraud department and bank, plus any other applicable authories necessary for defrauding me.

Attached find a screenshot of my Pagelines acct to expedite my full refund asap.

Cindy J Bryant

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You were not double charged.


when you bought the 197 product you also started a 30 day FREE trial of the plus subscription.


That 30 days expired 9 days ago, so stripe took the first payment.


Then we changed your plus subscription to DMS, no further charges too place and your original stripe subscription was deleted.


No unauthorised charges were made.

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Yes, my card was charged a recurring fee of $19, August 6, 2013. It reads upgrade from Pagelines Plus to DMS Dev.  I paid $197.00 US dollars in full amount on July 1st, 2013, for the Pagelines Developers package.  I do not recall signing up and/or signing an agreement for a "Plus" membership recurring fee of $19 additional on top of my Pagelines Developers package.  As of this response, I still do not see a credit for the recent unauthorized charge of $19 that took place on August 6, 2013.


  • What does your "Plus acct" $19/per month-recurring fee include/cover?
  • What does the $197.00 Pagelines Developers package include/cover?
  • When did you credit the $19.00 that was charged to my credit card on August 6, 2013?  (that also caused my acct to bounce an additional $35 in bank fees)
  • If you have not credited my account for the recent recurring $19 unauthorized fee, when will you credit my card back?
  • Please send me a copy of the written agreement I supposedly signed up for regarding "Plus" acct listing the terms and conditions from my original purchase.
  • Do I currently have access to Pagelines Developers Package?
  • Did I receive the promised "free" upgrade to the DMS dev package from the one I purchased Pagelines Developers package, which I have not been able to access since July 23, 2013?

Please forward me the documentation that I've requested, and credits due back to me.  Until, I receive clear terms for what I have been charged, and have yet to receive as a working product I will need to still request a full refund for $197 + $19.  It is illegal to charge customers for a product you took away post 23 days from purchase date without any advance notice, and still under the 30-days money back terms. 


To date, I have yet to receive access to the product I did purchase, and was promised a free upgrade to a better working platform dms dev, which truly it is not fully functional as of yet.  So, not only do I not have access to my original purchase, but I have been charged a recurring fee for a service you are not even providing to me, nor did I sign up for.  I would anticipate a prompt response to the documentation requested, and refund for the recurring unauthorized fee and services I have never received.  It is illegal to charge for a product and not deliver the product and/or services, which is the case herein.  On that fact alone, I have the right to a full refund for both the $197 + $19, still pending.  If you do not resolve this properly, in a timely manner, I will not hesitate to take further actions.  Based on my overall experience from purchase date up to now, I can't say that I am happy with your company, product, and/or services. 


Cindy J Bryant

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Just to make it clear, you were not charged on the 6th august. You were charged after 30 days for the plus subscription that you signed up for when you bought PageLines Framework.

That charge went through on the 3rd.


The upgrade happened after that. No further charges were made.


If you log into you will see the subscription there. There is also an unsubscribe button there.


You bought PageLines Framework and you still have that, you were upgraded because you bought that product recently enough to qualify for an upgrade.

if you dont want to convert the plus subscription to DMS fair enough just click the cancel button.


Please keep billing enquires in the billing system not on a public forum.


billing is at

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Better idea folks rather than hiding behind keyboards , how about a good ol' phone call to straighten things out. 

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We do not provide phone support unfortunately. All account/billing enquires are handled via our helpdesk.

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