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Edit Date Format in Meta Bar

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Hello -


I am currently building a test version of my site using DMS at test.pureandsimpleblog.com.


I am editing my post meta information as a block with javascript off to the site of each post. I currently have the date listed in this format: December 12, 2009. I would like it to be in this format: DEC 12.


Where do I enter the (M j) to format the date correctly?


Thank you!

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That's a good question.  Normally, I'd suggest using Dashboard > Settings > General.  But not sure if you want that format globally.

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So helpful thank you!!


Still trying to figure out if/how I can put the meta info in a block to the side of the entry titles instead of underneath them using CSS. Kind of like this:











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The style that is used on the PageLines blog is will be available in an upcoming update. Doing this before the update would require a lot of CSS as it will probably cause havok with your responsive layout. I would recommend waiting for the upcoming update, there isn't an ETA at the moment.


If you're brave, you can download DMS from GitHub which is bleeding edge. However, please be aware we do not provide support for this version.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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