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A few DMS Issues...

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Hi Chaps.


I recently updated to DMS after much wait and anticipation.  Been a huge fan of Pagelines for couple of years now and recommended it to everyone I know.


I can't help but say I was very expecting of the new DMS, and upon installing have had so many issues with it / Pagelines in general and I really can't understand why it was released it it's not ready - I thought that was what all the waiting was for?


Anyway, to my issues which I would be grateful if you could shed some light and tell me what I am doing wrong...


1. I can't seem to update to v3.x at all, I keep being taken to v0.9.6 - what is the deal with this?

2. I downloaded and installed to be told it was in the wrong folder from the start, so I had to FTP in and rename the folder before I even started using Pagelines...

3. Upon trying to update to V0.9.6 via Wordpress after activating my recently purchased Developer account, I am told the file isnt accessible so I had to update it manually via GIthub - any reason that file isn't accessible?

4. What happens to Vanilla Forums, Woo Commerce, etc integration with the new Pagelines?  I can't seem to find very much information on how that works now with all the old stuff.  Perhaps this will be in the Store at some point? 

5. What is the deal with Shortcodes and old Pagelines functions?  Do they still work, and if so, will they be being updated as they are a couple of years old now?


I know it is a lot of information, but seriously I was so looking forward to embracing the new Pagelines but it has been problem after problem so far and we are a couple of weeks in now after launch.  I feel I owe it to my waiting clients to get the sites running on Pagelines Framework over to the DMS, as they support is next to none for the old one now and I can't access anything from the store which makes it useless really when I need to add old sections.


To top it all off, I am also now unable to change my provided 'new password' since I had to change it twice to even log into this Forum, and now I am being told my password is incorrect again.


I didn't want this to be a rant but I'm finding it hard to get anywhere at the moment.


Thanks for your help guys


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1. Version 0.9.6 is currently the correct and latest version, DMS is not PageLines Framework version 3.0, it is a separate product.


2. The branch name for the free version hosted on GitHub is called Dev, so when you download it the zip name is This is an error which will be addressed. However, you can also download the free version of dms from our homepage.


3. Not sure what you're referring to by this question ?


4. Integrations such as Vanilla Forums, MediaWiki will not be supported by DMS. WooCommerce should work out of the box, as it is what we are using for our new store and is powered by DMS.


In fact most plugins should now work with DMS, as it has better compatibility with third party plugins, that what was offered by PageLines Framework.


5. Shortcodes still work with DMS. However, not sure what you mean updating them has they're a few years old now.


Why do they need updating? What are these problems you're having ?


Can you provide a list of your issues and we can try to resolve them.


What do you mean support is next to none for PageLines Framework ? PageLines Framework is still supported.


The API for the store is currently being rewritten as we cant take the chance of using the one we had previously due to the server attacks. Once this has been resolved your issues with accessing the store should be over, more and more services are coming back online.


If you're being told that your password is incorrect, how did you login to the forums and create this topic ?


Where is it telling you that your password is incorrect ?

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So 0.9.6. is the latest version? Mine says that it's available (mine's stuck at 0.9.4) and when I try to update, here's teh error: An error occurred while updating PageLines DMS: Download failed. Not Found

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seo_pro Not sure why your version is 0.9.4. You will most likely need to manually update dms, as the version upon release was 0.9.6. Download DMS again and add the files via FTP.

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Danny Thanks for your reply!  With the APi being rewritten for the store, is this why I cant get my hands on the Base Theme to develop on - or any other 'Free' items in the Store for that matter (it's empty)? With regards to the password, I was referring to when I tried to change it back - it was telling me I am unable to do so and my 'current' temporary password I was sent is incorrect (the one that I used to log in here)


That makes sense about updating through FTP, so basically yes, Pagelines at the moment is unable to update its DMS through Wordpress as normal?


How long roughly before DMS will be fully functional and able to use as a developer?

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Thanks Danny. Manually reloading did the trick.

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Yeah sure is, use this link, it contains all free store products: There hasn't been an update to DMS, the version that was made available when we launched was v0.9.6 as far as I am aware so there shouldn't be a notification for an update. Unless you have downloaded your DMS from GitHub, which is like nightly builds version, having this installed, will give you an update notification. If you want the latest changes to DMS, download via GitHub. If you want the latest stable free version, download via (Orange Button) If you want the latest stable premium version, download via My Account -

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When you say manually update via FTP, do I just replace the current 'DMS' folder (version .90) with the updated version of the 'DMS' folder (version .96)?

Also If I deactivate the DMS theme will the information, preferences, and sections still be intact once I re-enable the theme again?

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When I say manually update, you can do one of too things:

1. You can be brave and simply replace all the files and folders in your dms/ folder via FTP with the latest version you downloaded.


2. Safer method, navigate to /wp-content/themes/dms/ and rename the folder to something like this:




Then upload the dms folder from the new version you just downloaded to /wp-content/themes/ Once uploaded, your /themes/ directory should look similar to this:





Now goto Wordpress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Themes  and activate DMS (the new version) and make sure all your sites settings and changes are correct. Now remove the DMS version which is the old one, under old_dms.

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Thanks Danny, it worked fine :)

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