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Flipper - displaying NextGen Pics - how?

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Again I need some help....


As I learned carousel = flipper, right?


In the "old" framework days I could choose between posts, flickr, nextgen and hooks in the carousel section.


Question: How do I integrate a nextgen pic in the DMS Flipper? Is there an option to do so?


I found the following note in the flipper setup box: "Tip

Use a plugin to create custom post types for use with Flipper."


But I do not really understand which plugin should I use? How it works. And how I can integrate the nextgen gallery pics.


Is there anybody out there who knows how to do?

I appreciate very much your help. Thanks :)


I am ^sii from @onlineprofiler, digital media specialist, love web design, development, WordPress, PageLines and lots more...

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Flipper isn't like the Carousel section from PageLines, its is a separate section and unfortunately you can't integrate Nextgen gallery images. The Flipper uses the Posts Feature thumbs.


Can't you just use the Nextgen gallery plugin, I thought it had a carousel shortcode ?

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No problem.

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No issue for when I did a quick test of Nextgen gallery.

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