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Change colour of just header text

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1st: I'm a newbie.

2nd: I've worked out how to use the styling class to create: "my-red-text" and then in the custom code area I've got: ".my-red-text {color:#ff0000;}" - so that's all good.



How do I change just the header text. The problem with my-red-text is that it changes all the text in the section. Do I need to do this "#h4 .my-red-text"?? Any help appreciated.


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You can wrap text in its own div, if the text is in a text widget.  Else, you can inspect the site in another browser, with a tool such as a Firebug for Firefox. That will let you see if there's a unique class or ID for the text you want to change.  Likely there will be.  You can then apply changes to that specific class or ID to color the text, resize it, etc.

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