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How to transfer all data from Pagelines Framework to DMS?

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Website URL:  www.aciucn.org.au
Framework Version:   DMS
WordPress Version:  the latest (updated yesterday)
Plugins in Use:  none
Server/Host:  iinet
Screenshots: --


I have just updated my website from pagelines framework to DMS, and I can't seem to transfer across my content information, especially that which was in 'boxes' which now don't seem to exist in the new DMS.  All the media files seem to be accessible, but not the boxes, and the pages aren't set up how they were before.  How do i access my old information and get it across into the new framework without having to redo the whole website?  And where has the info in the old boxes section gone?


Please help, it is relatively urgent. Thanks

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Hi, As the Boxes, Banners and Features aren't part of the core of DMS, any content you created will no longer be visible on your site. Although the content should still remain in your database. If you had most of your pages content in Boxes, then you will need to recreate them using the sections in DMS unfortunately. We have a legacy plugin be configured that when installed will add Banners, Boxes, Features to DMS but this is not currently available. Also, when updating your site to a new theme, it isn't wise to do so on a live environment, you should really do this local or on a test setup before proceeding.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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