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    • FRevi
      By FRevi+
      I have read several posts regarding conflict with NextGEN Gallery plugin. I am having a different problem - the galleries just fail to show up. I am running the latest versions of P5 and NextGEN, do you know if the fix plugin will solve that? Should I just try it and see what happens? thx
    • kratma
      By kratma
      When I updated to Framework 2.4.5 images from NextGen Gallery no longer displayed in the carousel. I got this message  The plugin for the selected carousel mode needs to be activated (FlickrRSS or NextGen Gallery)
      I deactivated and reacdtivated the plugin. I tried removing it completely and re-installing but get the same message.
      I took the carousel out and set it up on a trial page
      Website  http://goodheartbooks.com
      Sample page with carousel us  http://goodheartbooks.com/trial/
      Wordpress version 3.9.1
    • Bleuy