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I am building an eCommerce store front with DMS and am using the flipper to help me do this. 


I can get the products to display by selecting products in post type options under Flipper settings, but in regards to Flipper Meta I would like it show the PRICE of the product. 


My question is simple. What is the Meta Shortcode for "PRODUCT PRICE" to be added in the Fliper Meta to display PRICE in Flipper?


Here are some examples of Meta Shortcodes other than the one I am looking for.


Thanks ahead,




Example shortcodes you can use are:

  • [post_categories] - List of categories
  • [post_edit] - Link for admins to edit the post
  • [post_tags] - List of post tags
  • [post_comments] - Link to post comments
  • [post_author_posts_link] - Author and link to archive
  • [post_author_link] - Link to author URL
  • [post_author] - Post author with no link
  • [post_time] - Time of post
  • [post_date] - Date of post
  • [post_type] - Type of post

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Hi, There isn't a Product Price meta shortcode, all the available shortcodes are already listed. If you wish to have display product price you will need to create your own.

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