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Pagelines DMS Magazine Layout -

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I am currently using the magazine layout for my content.


Is there a way to customize it so I can show the full post content in the first 2 posts, and then just the thumbnails for the next 4? Right now, it looks like I can only choose between displaying full content OR thumbnails.




My site is http://chennibus.com/

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You can set the site Settings to just two, full length posts at Dashboard > Settings > Reading.


Then, on your home or blogpage, add the two column section below the Content/PostLoop. 


Install Special Recent Posts from WordPress.org. Craft the shortcode and add it to a text widget.  Use the offset function.  In the left column, make the offset by 2 and tell it to display the image only, and set the image size (you will need to add some CSS to formally increase the thumbnail size). Tell the shortcode to display as many posts as you want in that column. 


Then, for the right column, copy the code from the left, but change the offset to the number you already have displayed.  So, if you have two full width, and three in the left, your offset will be 5.   Thus you'll get



3  6

4  7

5  8


Special Recent Posts is free at WordPress.org or, you can get the paid (inexpensive) version at CodeCanyon.net.

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