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    • cwassie
      By cwassie
      Updated to DMS 2.0. Home page theme was set to None. In attempt to change DMS 2.0 Navi changed to Faithful Theme on edit page. Lost changes. Is it possible to change back to "None" and restore contents? How do you restore Faithful Fixed Navigation in DMS 2.0?
    • erniede
      By erniede
      I saw a notice inside WordPress that the theme needed updating...  So, like an idiot, I believed it and told it to Update the theme.
      It completely wiped out ALL the files inside the faithful folder in the themes area.
      That's a full week of work on a website GONE.  Just what did I do wrong???
      Tell me again why I'm using DMS???
    • Stephen
      By Stephen
      Last night I purchased the Faithful Child Theme. I can't find any theme documentation or set-up file - both were included for paid themes prior to DMS. I've installed the theme and activated it and for the life of me I can't seem to get it looking like the demo. Is there theme specific documentation and a set-up file? If so where can I get it. Please advise.