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Using Pagelines DMS for hi-customized site?

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I am to build a new WP site with quite a lot of customization required. We will have developers to do so.

The demo of Pagelines DMS is quite inspiring and seems could make the building process faster and offer enhanced flexibility. It would apparently reduce the number of different templates, using sections on a page to page basis.


However, I wonder whether I would not like to be limited to the sections offered in the store, because they are all premium add-ons and might not cover all I want.


Thus I would like to make sure I would not be impeachedin the DMS to add own (or other's) pieces of codes in the templates (for example for a sepcific query of posts (CPTs) to be dispalyed in a grid, etc), and what would be the most sensitive way to do that in DMS:

- does it mean adding templates that are not managed by DMS?

- or should it be by creating those pieces of codes as "sections" (and how to do so?) 

- if I use a "normal WP plugin" to provide certain features, how does it interact? (for example slider, carousel, etc)
I guess it will work but need be inserted in a template or shortcode, and can't be as "section"?


Thanks for clarifications :)

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Bonjour Agnes,


With DMS, you can modify sections to include CPTs, as far as I know.


You can also create as many templates as you wish in DMS.  While the Content/PostLoop section pulls the standard list of posts from WordPress, you can add other sections in its place, in new templates, and in those, add shortcodes or PHP snippets that call other post queries.


I'd add the code to a text box.  But you should read our docs at http://docs.pagelines.com.


No, all your templates will be managed by DMS. 


No need to create sections for them, but if you wish to, that's possible.


Normal WP plugins will mostly work.  I prefer the ones using shortcode, personally, because you can drop them into any text area, even for carousels or sliders.  If you want them to be sections, I'd recommend using the ones in our Store, since they're prestructured for DMS.


I hope this helps answer your questions.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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