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WordPress Address / Site Address settings may Kill DMS functions

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Can someone else test this for me and see if it breaks the DMS editor.


When i create a Wordpress site i always keep it in a directory away from the root directory, for example a directory called content. I then change the WordPress Address to reflect this directory and the site address to point to the root, the final step is to then change the index.php file to direct the WordPress Environment and Template into the new directory, nothing new or exciting here. BUT when i do it then disables any editing capabilities of DMS.




Wordpress installed to a directory called new

Wordpress address:



Site Address:



Index.php file changes to reflect address:


The site functions as expected and so does Wordpress Dashboard but the DMS is disabled completely.


Can someone else confirm this kills the DMS editor.



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Of course it will.  You're directing the browser to look at a location where DMS isn't located. So, when you try to use the visual editor in Chrome, the browser can't find the essential code it needs because it won't backtrack to the source.  I suspect that if you disabled that redirect, you'll be able to use the DMS visual editor in Chrome with no issues.

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Just tested this locally, works as expected. 


When you get the errors check 2 things..


First you should have a draft css url like this, click it you should see CSS http://screencast.com/t/tmJzdjeU93IK


Also check chrome tools console and see if there are any javascript errors.

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