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    • bjs198
      By bjs198
      Hey team, I've been chasing a conflict this morning and have found that DMS 2 is altering the layout of my Calendar plugin. If you check the link you can see the calendar with a blue band running across the month displaying the date for each day. Notice how it's not properly aligned? I changed the theme to twentyfourteen and it looks fine. Any idea how I might fix this? Cheers Barney
    • rud10
      By rud10
      Good Morning.
      I have just started attempting to integrate the Timely all-in-one calender event plugin with my website. I want it to be dedicated to a single page, outside of my blog. The problem I am having is that the events I'm adding are coming up in my blog, and not on the page that I designate. And so I am getting this on my designated 'WHERE WE ARE' page:
      And this on my 'BLOG' page:
      In addition, when I navigate away from my blog page, then return to it. The post has disappeared.
      As per usual It is probably something obvious that I am failing to understand, but any help would be really appreciated.
    • florisvc
      By florisvc
      Time.ly reports a conflict with Pagelines. 
      Has this been fixed?