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How Do I Print Out Page Templates?

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My Objective: When I do a website I always do a very rudimentary wireframe to show the client prior to beginning any heavy lifting, of course. I like to spread out the papers on a conference table to do  my thing. My light-bulb moment this week came when I realized that creating Page Templates in DMS is essentially (almost exactly!) what I've been doing in another program. Well, if I can get these darn page Templates to print to paper there'd be no need to re-draw the same page templates in my other wire-framing program. (For those of you who have long-ago figured this out, congratulations!, I'm pedalling as fast as my chubby little legs will go! :)  )


My Problem: We're in Google Chrome since that's the suggested editing environment, fyi. If I right-click anywhere on the page I get a menu with a Print option. Select that and I get a Print-Preview option, and here's where the trouble is. The page layout that is shown in the preview is all jabberwocky (things ain't where they're supposed to be!).  So close!!!


My Question: Is there a way to print a Page Template layout so it's represented on paper as it is on the screen (meaning the positioning of the sections)?



(If not, I sure hope this can be fixed, although it's probably a Chrome thing.  :(   Hmmm....is this something that could be added to DMS so as not to rely on Chrome for it??)

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You can always use Shift-Prt Scr on a Windows based machine. 


Other than using the browser's print function or copying (as in the Shift-Prt Scr option) and pasting the screen shot as an image and printing the image, I cannot imagine how.  People normally don't want to print templates.  Normally, they want to print the site. That's covered under most browsers. 


You may try printing to PDF if you have the Adobe tools for that.

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