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    • NearlyJen
      By NearlyJen
      Hey everyone, I have a teacher trying to post some links in a text box and he's doing it right but the links still aren't working. His html is attached and links are below. This page: http://arts.eastsideprep.org/resources/ This is the link that is being produces from that html, which obviously results in a 404: http://arts.eastsideprep.org/resources/"http://www.seattlesings.org/" Help? Thank you! Happy Friday! Jennifer
    • MobileParity
      By MobileParity+
      I have added 2 separate text boxes to my header to display the business name of my site. When the site is viewed on a mobile device the header text does not resize to fit the device. I have tried to use media queries albeit incorrectly. I have messed with padding & text size as well. However nothing seems to work. I know this can be done an it is fairly simple so forgive my lack of knowledge. The site is password protected and I can provide the information if needed. You can view the image here: http://screencast.com/t/y35EkMc1hcl
    • NBI
      By NBI
      I have an issue with the shortcode for buttons. I've copy/pasted the button-shortcode from the documentation into a text box, but it isn't showing. What am I doing wrong?
      Thanks in advance!

    • studio12
      By studio12
      I created a Branding Area via the tutorial. Now every time I insert a new text box, the social media icons are also there. How do I get rid of the social media icons in new text boxes, but keep them in the text box in my branding area?  
    • treadwellimages
      By treadwellimages
      Hi everyone,
      This may be a silly/simple question, but is there a way to create hyperlinks/anchor text within DMS Text Boxes without knowing code? Kind of like a right click action on a MS Word document and insert URL.