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      Hi guys,
      I'm hosting a website on Pagely for a client but I'm facing a really weird issue.
      Apparently without any reason the site goes blank... it loads only a white page.
      Taking a look to the source I found that the page is loading correctly the layout code (divs and spans of dms layout are there) but they are empty... no content is loaded.
      Here is the answer I get from Pagely support
        My client is getting quite upset with this issue ... and I like to solve this... I'd prefer not to change DMS nor hosting.
      So can you please help?
      Thank you
      Best regards
    • James Giroux
      By James Giroux+
      If you've been using DMS for a while you've probably said at some point, "I wish DMS did ...." and then tried to figure out how to do it with a general WordPress plugin or moved on to something else entirely.  
      Well, our store developers are ALWAYS on the lookout for your feedback.  They invest time and energy to create PageLines specific sections and plugins often based on their own use and needs.  Well, I'd like to open it up to our forum users to let them know what you would like to see in PageLines.
      If you've ever said "I wish DMS did xyz", now is your chance to influence the projects store developers are working on with your comments in this forum thread.
      I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas!
    • BentleyD
      By BentleyD+
      Hey Guys,
      I am building a website for a client on a test domain on my personal hosting and I would like to transfer the pagelines site to their domain and hosting.
      What is the procedure for backing up the site, including the pagelines data?