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1. I've noticed if I drag a section into another section, like a media box into a post loop... if I delete the new section (media box) it deletes the post loop? Although the delete box is in the media box edit screen. That's not how it should work, right? I have to keep adding the post loop again... 


2. Another weird thing... DMS keeps jumping out of edit mode when I preview? Is it supposed to do that? I usually open the site in one window for preview then edit in another tab (window)... but DMS keeps jumping out of edit mode when I change page, and I have to log in again... kind of annoying.


Er, well one more thing... Why, when you log in to wp, doesn't it go into DMS edit mode? Is that the way it's intended to work? I have to select a page, and preview for the DMS edit toolbar to appear. I still can't log in to my account in PageLines 2.4 so I was wondering if that was part of the problem... I am logged in to DMS with my email and code, but I get no info in PagLines dashboard although I'm logged in the DMS edit bar...





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