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I purchased DMS business and I'm doing some tests, but I am disheartened because I can't do a quick and handsome one page website.
How do I build a website like this?
There is 2 major problems with DMS:
1) The scrollspy works pretty darn bad as PageLines framework? How do you connect the various sections/modules?
2) The effect of parallax is terrible, jerky. Is not fluid.
Why all this?
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Please, rather than complaining about what DMS doesn't do, it helps to explain specifically what you want it to do.


The section backgrounds could probably be used to achieve some of what you're trying to accomplish.  However, I've not seen that flowing background before, so would find it hard to describe implementing it.


You should read the docs at


I must point out, respectfully, that it's impossible for us to answer questions like "how do I build my site like this other one?"  That's far too vague.


We'll be very happy to answer specific technical questions, but we're not going to answer complaints here.


Thanks for your understanding.

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