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    • clastennet
      By clastennet
      I follwoed the instructions on your DOCS section to upgrade from basic Pagelines to DMS: I installed manually the downloaded DM theme; as I purchased (foolishly?) the personal DMS, I have received an activation key; but all I can see when I activate in WP 3.6 the DMS theme is a miserable Pagelines menu with "Dashboard" and "Tools" with basically nothing in it. No DMS toolbar can be seen. I read other topics on the same subject; it was suggested it's an issue with plugins but having them all deactivated doesn't make a difference. Then I read something I didn't really understand about the toolbar being seen on the front-end (the website itself if I understand) and not the back-end; I just basically want to know where I have to go to manage the design of the website. Thank you