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Split Slider Full Width only?

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Hi, I just purchased the split slider. My hope was to use this for testimonials to the right of my content. I currently am trying out the quickslider for this purpose, which works fine but the split slider would be a lot better. After purchasing it looks like the split slider is full width only. Is that correct? I'm not sure the pagelines store page mentions that it's full width only (or if it does I just missed it!)


Anyway, thanks in advance for either confirming that this full width only, or for giving me good news that I can use this in non full width mode.






(I previously posted this in the wrong forum. This looks to be the right spot. Sorry for the previous post in wrong spot!)

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Hi Aleksander,


Thank you very much. I sent you a message with my email address. I am not an advanced pagelines user, but not a complete novice, so hopefully I can figure out how to use the custom build of the section. 


Thanks again for your help.



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