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Align a DIV to the bottom of a Clip

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I am using Magazine Style posts on my blog page. I noticed that the default behavior is to automatically set the "min-height" attribute to adjust to the height of the clips so they match in size, and fit the title and excerpt nicely within. 


I'm trying to take the metabar and, using CSS, align it to the bottom of the clip. While normally this would seem straightforward using the "position" attribute, the way this is designed prevents this.


I've been looking at the code, and it's the following line that controls the height of the clips:


<div class="hentry-pad blocks" style="min-height: 611px;">


Does anyone know how I could accomplish this? 


My site is local, but I've attached a screenshot for reference: http://ge.tt/97sXqVn/v/0?c

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It seems to me, and I'm no expert in this, that you'll need to use a hook or, if you're using Framework, you'll need to modify the section by cloning it to your child theme (base theme is recommended), and editing the clone to include those shortcodes in the bottom, just before the clip ends. That will ensure that you're able to align them to the bottom.

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