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Still not able to Login with my Pagelines account.

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I am still not able to login with my Pagelines account. Has been intermittent over the last week with everything that has been going on. I completely understand that and have been waiting on the sidelines while the issues have been resolved. Now that it is a week later and all issues were hopefully to be resolved on Monday, I thought I'd try again. I can't login. I can change my password, but that is all I can do. From my site I can't login to my account from with Pagelines as well. Been a paid subscriber for a while now. DMS looks promising, but, to be honest, I am a little leery of using DMS due to this past weeks debacle for a site I am working on.


Any help to restore my account would be appreciated. 



Dan Wassink

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I have been using Pagelines Lite and just signed up for DMS today  and I can't even login! From above, it looks like this is a known issue? Is there any timeframe when this will be fixed? I am pretty miffed that I finally signed up for the paid account and I can't even use the premium services.




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Martin Bay

Sorry guys this is an ongoing problem for all pagelines users. No news on when the issue is solved! It really sucks!

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We are still working on things. but the free edition shouldn't require login unless you're trying to use a premium area.


Please review our docs at http://docs.pagelines.com

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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