Still not able to Login with my Pagelines account.

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I am still not able to login with my Pagelines account. Has been intermittent over the last week with everything that has been going on. I completely understand that and have been waiting on the sidelines while the issues have been resolved. Now that it is a week later and all issues were hopefully to be resolved on Monday, I thought I'd try again. I can't login. I can change my password, but that is all I can do. From my site I can't login to my account from with Pagelines as well. Been a paid subscriber for a while now. DMS looks promising, but, to be honest, I am a little leery of using DMS due to this past weeks debacle for a site I am working on.


Any help to restore my account would be appreciated. 



Dan Wassink

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I have been using Pagelines Lite and just signed up for DMS today  and I can't even login! From above, it looks like this is a known issue? Is there any timeframe when this will be fixed? I am pretty miffed that I finally signed up for the paid account and I can't even use the premium services.




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Sorry guys this is an ongoing problem for all pagelines users. No news on when the issue is solved! It really sucks!

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We are still working on things. but the free edition shouldn't require login unless you're trying to use a premium area.


Please review our docs at

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      I am requesting that Pagelines refunds the unauthorized charges that were made to my credit card, credit my Pagelines acct properly with the actual one-time developers package I paid in full, up front; and remove my credit card from your files, and remove me from any future recurring fees.  I purchased a Pagelines developers package in full on July 23, 2013, order#12005 that came packed with over 100 themes,  a load of plugins, etc, and Pagelines DMS is lacking. To that, I was also under the impression, per the CEO blog post that when your company launched the new Pagelines DMS, I would be moved to Pagelines DMS developer package for free.  If I thought that I was going to be billed any additional recurring fees beyond my full payment for Pagelines Dev package because I was being pushed/forced to your new Pagelines DMS and still get charged beyond my original full payment, I would have never bought Pagelines Developers package in the first place, or at the very least I would have requested a full refund of my original purchase consdering I still had the 30-days money back guaranteed option in your terms.  It seems a bit unethical to wait a week past my 30-days money back option to start charging me for fees I was never aware of, and/or authorized.  However, receiving this email that I am being charged an additional $19.99 per month or a product that I paid in full for, and the new one was to cost me nothing additional was a huge surprise!  I get that you all had issues with your system, but this is the ultimate "unprofessional" way to handle new clients.  If your company is not going to make good on its promise of moving a fully paid Pagelines Developer package customer to the new Pagelines DMS as it did state in a blog post, then I'm requesting to cancel my account with Pagelines, and I am also requesting a FULL REFUND for the unauthorized charges that were recently made and my Pagelines Developer package order I made on July 23, 2013 for $197, which is no longer available to me per your company. 

      I would kindly appreciate it if your company Pagelines, will fix this problem asap.  I have not placed any such order, and never gave your company authorization to keep my credit card on record, and/or to charge me for additional recurring fees!  I would like my account fixed and credited properly.  I would like a refund for the unathorized charges Pagelines made.  Your prompt attention, cooperation and response is required in this matter, otherwise, I will be forced to take further action, and report it to my bank, credit card company fraud department, and authorities.  In addition, you will loose me as a client, and I will not recommend your products, and/or company to anyone in the future.  My contact information is listed below for your response.  Thank you.

      I have sent an email directly to Pagelines, but I need this resolved asap.
      PS. I have included a screenshot of my acct, showing the original purchase I paid in full and date, plus the unauthorized recent charges.

      Cindy J Bryant