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pagelines DMS and WPML

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Hello Pagelines People.


I see that you have been hard at work, well done.


I would like to ask about the WPML plugin and how does it translate all the sections in dms.


I spent most of the last two years getting the problems solved with the very good people at WPML who even developed some new things to make their plugin work on Pagelines..



Funny thing is, we are back to Page 1 with the problem that there is no way to translate the sections. 

I am trying to get the language switcher back into the menu, this was a mjaor problem with previous page lines. but was fixed.

I am working on this page page at present. http://www.disenoideas.com/wp

 this is a test site to see how the DMS stands up against paglines framework for my clients. as most of my clients have multilingual sites, this is very important to get this solved straight away.



Please answer me how is this going to work? as i do not see any way of doing this at present.


Many thanks


David Hopkins

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I would also like to know how does it work with wpml or any other translation plug in?




| Big Bang Thinking | Thinking Design |

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sersanet"] and @[member="bigbangthinking


I know we have had some difficulty with our translation center recently, but expect to have that back soon.


Meanwhile,  did you see  http://docs.pagelines.com/advanced/translating-dms

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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