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Willem-Siebe Spoelstra

Mobile browsers: different text sizes

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Willem-Siebe Spoelstra

Hi all,


On my site 


 (testsite at the moment), I installed a clean DMS (V3) install, although this problem is also there for Pagelines Framework (V2). I disabled mobile view!


When I checked the website on my desktop browsers:

  • IE
  • FF
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari

there were no problems with text-size, all the same.


However, when I look at the website in mobile browsers...


Samsung Galaxy Note II:

  • Standard Browser
  • Chrome
  • FireFox

iPhone 4S:


  • Safari (standard browser)
  • Chrome

... I do see that text size is different and the website is not looking the same as on my desktop, although I disabled mobile view.


You can see all the differences together on this one image: 


You can see that the FireFox and Chrome browsers on my Samsung Galaxy Note II are causing problems here, because they seem to make my text bigger!


I don't have good hope, because I think if it's possible Pagelines would aready included that kind of CSS, BUT: is it possible to solve this problem?


Kind regards,



I write about internet marketing, WordPress and Pagelines on my Dutch blog spoelstra.ws

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I know we've touched on this numerous times, but the Browser Specific CSS plugin would help you resolve this.  You can copy it from your v2 installation to the plugins folder in your v3 install. It can be activated from Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins in your v3 install.


You're likely seeing the results of the mobile browsers scaling, which isn't always exact, compared to the typical desktop browsers.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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