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Problems with Platform - PL Sections, PL Customize, etc.

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A topic got marked as closed, resolved, and locked down because everyone was posting the same thing (with no answers) and were told to open a new topic.  So here it is.  A new topic for the same issues that are not resolved.


One problem is PL Live Chat.  It's gone.  I saw the 'resolution' was that PL Live Chat would no longer be offered.  That isn't much of a resolution... that's quitting on your most loyal customers.


Another problem is with accessing store content.  So you have opened up Launchpad again.  Well, I have access to things I have purchased but not to the basics which help them work.  For instance, I JUST PURCHASED Roundabout a few days ago for a site I am working on.  I can't install it now because I don't have PL Sections.


I can't access PL Customize either.  So I guess I will have to build a child theme.  Not convenient. 


I can't access PL Content Box, which I use all the time!


When and how can we gain access to these items so that we can continue development on our sites?  I have 2 projects on complete stand still because of this.


We are all having the same issues.  We shouldn't all have to post a new topic to tell you this.  Some communication about this on your blog, on Facebook, in an email to Pro members, etc. would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!


(P.S.  I really hate complaining.  I know you all are probably hearing lots of it.  I apologize.  But for many of us, this is our income you are messing with!!  We just want to know what is going on so that we can plan.  Shutting down our resources with no notice is a BOMBSHELL for us!)

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Shutting down our resources with no notice is a BOMBSHELL for us!

In case you didn't get the notice, we were hacked which wasn't a bombshell, it was like a blackhole in space. It sucked everything out of our site.


Now as for a solution --


I've just added both Customize and Sections plugins to one of my sites.




Upload these via Dashboard > Plugins > Add New  and use the "Upload" link in the menu.  Once you've uploaded them, activate them.  You'll then be able to use them normally.


I also added ContentBox http://www.epicurusconsulting.com/downloads/contentbox.zip, which you'll install via the Store > Section > Uploads.


I will not guaranty this will work and will only keep these files up there for the next 24 hours.


Now about Live closing.  This was an inevitable step, considering how the system worked (or didn't), and how it would have been impossible to staff.  Having worked it many times if more than two people are talking to you at once, the moderator loses the thread of the conversation too easily in chat.  We do have some new support options coming, but no ETA for them.


Apologies about closing the other topic, but that was just becoming a forum for complaint, not for tech support topics.  It had to be closed to remind everyone of the purpose of these forums. 

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Yes, that is a major blackhole.  No, I wasn't aware.  Apologies.  (See note about necessity of improved communication between Pagelines and customers.)


I just assumed it was all from complications of the switch from the framework to DMS.  Either way, a quick note somewhere (FB, email, blog) would have been helpful.  Maybe saying you were hacked doesn't help marketing efforts but the best marketing you can have is happy, satisfied customers.


Thank you SO much for offering those downloads.  I have downloaded and will get started with these.  Hopefully, the issues with the Framework store will be resolved but this will do in the meantime.


Best of luck in navigating all of these problems.....

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