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reset validation key

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I had to reset my wordpress account and now I am trying to activate my account using the same domain name, and it says Exceeded maximum number of activations


so how can I delet the old account so that I can put my activation key


thanks again

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    • Justin Taylor
      By Justin Taylor
      I originally purchased, I believe, a 3 site licence for DMS2. The new account interface does not reveal any of this information.
      How do I know how many licences I am entitled to? How do I reset one for a new website? All it says now is that I don't have any Pro licences?
    • dbereit
      By dbereit
      Help! I spent several hours setting up my DMS 2 site, including some custom CSS. The only plugins running are the PageLines ones.
      I was frustrated when the Site Settings options would not allow me to save a custom text color, despite clicking the Publish button numerous times, and refreshing many times.
      I went into the WordPress dashboard, and clicked the Appearance > Customize option, thinking it might give me some additional editing options. Instead it opened the DMS tour, and wiped out ALL of the customizations I had previously set up.
      #1 question- can my work be restored?
      #2 question- will these bugs be fixed, so I don't experience these challenges in the future?
      I REALLY want to use DMS 2, but find times where it is buggy and problematic, which make me worry about long-term stability. If what happened to me today happened to a live, public site, I would be in big trouble.
    • bloom1creative
      By bloom1creative+
      Hi guys
      I have had a bit of an issue with the past two sites I have created using the DMS and would just like to check if I am doing something wrong.
      I have been using the DMS + DMS Child theme, and setting the site up accordingly and everything added content wise and section wise.
      I use custom scripts ALOT, and sometimes they cause the DMS editor to stick or hang, so I need to go to the dashboard to use the fallback code editor.  Only when I do so, NOTHING saves, at all.  I try over and over to save the deleted scripts, but upon refresh, they are all still there, and the DMS just permanently hangs.
      Copy out all my custom LESS and Scripts, and change the theme to the DMS.  This removes all the custom LESS and CSS, and clears the lot.  Then reactivate the Child theme, and paste it back it, with the problem part of the script removed.  Job done!
      ... not quite
      When I then go back to the child theme, ALL the settings are lost, for areas like the header and footer, but the body areas seem to remain.  Surely the database entries save the settings I had on the child theme, and reload them upon reactivation of the theme?
      All the page templates are there so it obviously reads the JSON file, so there would be no point me reimporting from that.
      Any suggestions or advice on what I am doing wrong would be great, if only to sort the fact I am unable to chance the Scripts/LESS while the DMS is hanging, which is a huge problem for me if I have to re-create the header and footer afterwards.  I would also like to stress this has happened on all the builds I have tried it upon, so it's not a one-off.  Perhaps somebody could try to recreate the hanging DMS locally with a child theme, and see if they are still able to change the fallback code during that time.
    • peter_von_z
      By peter_von_z
      I think there should be an easy way to reset or reload default templates and then assign them to corresponding page types. Also, when I installed DMS there was no template for the blog page or single post page assigned to these page types.
      This would save a lot of time if something goes wrong or you want to start from scratch.
      Another thing I found strange is when you use the plugin that shows what template is assigned the page, it sometimes says CUSTOM or some other "non existing" template ( at leased it's not in my library). Why is that?
    • Dave Norton
      By Dave Norton
      I had a problem with the rev slider in the global area. I could not remove it. I could move it around but unable to remove it. I then went to the global settings area and reset the global options. Redoing the global area not a problem. But the editor guidelines were no longer visible. I think I just figured it out I took a section and moved it onto the staging area and the guidelines appeared. Maybe this will help someone else. The website I am working on is http://davidnorton.org