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Why is it the its different when viewed in IE? images and text are overlapping? when its ok in mozilla, and also in chrome. Please advice. Thanks.

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First, this is not a DMS or PageLines issue. It is a WordPress issue with IE, but more of a problem with IE.


Images are handled differently in various browsers, and IE does not scale or resize images using WordPress' code.  It just won't do it.


So, if you add an 800px wide photo into your content area, which is 650px wide, the image will not be resized, even if you told WordPress to scale it to 650px wide. IE will show the full 800px image, which will bleed (show), under things like the sidebars.


The solution though is very simple.  Use a graphics editor like Photoshop and re-size the image manually.  Keep the original, PLUS the revised image.  In your post, you can upload the new version, displaying that, but when you look at the post or page in Text (HTML) mode, you'll see it has an a href going to the image.  Change that to the larger version.  So if someone clicks the picture that fits, they'll be taken to the larger image. 


Another method is to use a Lightbox plugin.


Just remember, if you have a container for your image, make sure the image is slightly smaller than the container to make it fit right.

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