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Hello Pagelines team! I'm having a developer license of the pagelines framework, (+200e) and I want to know if there is a DMS Pro license for the ones we had paid for an advanced framework. Now, when i acces to my account in the new pagelines web, i see that i have no suscriptions going on. So the thing is that actually if been downgraded, because i can use only the basic free DMS version, as every one out there, and i'm supposed to have better settings after my payment. 


Hope you can help me. 


Thanks, Dihue,

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Hello Dihue,


We can't answer billing or account questions here in the forum, but if you write to hello@pagelines.com, you should be able to get an answer soon.  I cannot promise it will be quickly though.


You may want to access the Launchpad for older products in the meantime:  See the first link in this topic:


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