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Question about text alignment

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Hello there.  I have gotten the Testimonials Lud to work correctly and am using the Klot image style.  I am using DMS Pro, and am having an issue with the text not lining up properly with the associated photo.  The text is adding a line before itself causing the text to drop an additional line and therefore show up lower than the top edge of the photo.  See attachment.  Suggestions to correct this?  Thanks!



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Sorry for late response.

First of all, I'm surprised that Testimonials Lud works in DMS, since it's not yet updated.

The issue in your question will be covered in the next update (about 2-3 days).

If you're in a hurry: eather mask it in CSS (eg .tcontent {margin-top: -20px} ) or remove/replace " from the beggining of the paragraph.


professional dms plugins 


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Thanks for your help.  I had purchased Testimonials Lud prior to the release of DMS, so it was showing up in the "Your Sections" when Add Sections button was pressed.  I guess they didn't have it set up not to appear since it wasn't updated, so I was able to drag it into my webpage.

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