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Issues setting up

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I have been making WordPress websites for a while and the last hour has been a little frustrating.


First I sign up for DMS

Then I attempt to get it running on serverpress - turns out that I have to use Chrome for DMS,

So I attempt to go to my serverpress instance from Chrome, for reasons unknown it does not work (not dms's fault)

Ok no trouble, I will put it on the live server, did that and loaded my standard under construction plugin - this then gives an error when going to the dms site.


Then I think ok, they must have their own under construction plugin so I purchase the plugin-coming-soon-v3.zip plugin.  Ok now when I click on the provided link I get a 404 Not Found.


So I am in a situation where I have to work on a website live, which is not an option for me.


Frustrating situation right now.



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Hi Cyberhub,


I apologize for any difficulty you're experiencing.


As with any complex system,  it's important first, to read the manual (or, in this case, the documentation) at http://docs.pagelines.com


There's really no need to worry or stress.  We are having some difficulty with coordinating our store as many have noticed.  Some products have simply not yet been updated to DMS.  If the plugin says v3 in its name, it should be up to date, so my best analysis says that the link is simply bad.  As soon as our team comes in today, we can find you the source to download your product, but could you kindly tell me what link you were using -- was it directly from with the DMS PageLines Store, or did you get another link?


I don't know why your under-construction plugin did not work, unless it had some kind of conflict with AJAX or jQuery perhaps.   I imagine the same applies to serverpress. 


Thanks for your kind patience.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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