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Ozone Notice about Ozone Theme

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I've updated Ozone for DMS. It is however, NOT compatible with V2. So, if you're on V2, DO NOT UPDATE the theme. If you updated by accent, PM me your email and I'll email you the v2 files to get you back up and running. It came down to a few options here, and I think you'll find that I went with the best option.


1. Build a new theme, screwing all of you out of what you purchased. Bad mojo.

2. Bloat the theme with compatibility stuff, perhaps slowing it down, and adding unnecessary kruft for pure DMS users.

3. Update the theme, but won't work with V2. You get a brand new theme, for FREE!


Anyways, just some info for you so if you're seeing this and wondering about Ozone for DMS thank god you're reading this before hand.

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