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That's what I feel?

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Thank you for expressing your kind concern for the entire PageLines team during this time of difficulty. 


I agree with you, and express my personal thanks to all who show patience and understanding while we try so hard to recover from the hacking.


Your comparison to what's happened to big companies like Apple is very good, in that hacking isn't just the damage done to a website, but the damage done to the customers, the employees and the good faith of the community as a whole.  It's for this last reason that we're struggling and working so hard -- to keep our great community together.


After all, what is PageLines? A product? No. It's an outstanding group of people, spread around the globe, that makes a dynamic, viable community.  It's people. It's relationships and the sense each member of that community has of participating in something bigger than just buying something.   When I purchase a product at a store, usually, that's the end of the process.  At PageLines we've gone beyond that providing a wonderful, global neighborhood -- the PageLines Village. 


While some say it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes one to help and support a website. 


I'm happy you are part of that community, as I am every other member.  Moreso, I'm happy to be part of it myself.


Thanks again for the encouraging words.

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